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Eponymous Brewing Company is the passion project of Kyle McElhany and Sean Weber.  Mac’s background in microbiology and Weber’s business background, combined with a mutual love of craft beer resulted in the formation of Eponymous Brewing Company in 2017.  After securing a location in the Lofts at Main of Brookings, South Dakota, the duo began the buildout and licensure process for the two barrel nanobrewery operation, that commenced production in March 2018.

Identity is central to the name and craft of Eponymous Brewing Company.  We strive to inject identity in our beers, by incorporating local ingredients – including grains, fruits, hops, wild yeast/bacteria, and barrels from regional wineries – and pushing the boundaries of production by melding time-tested techniques with the advances of modern brew science to create novel, high-quality offerings.

Our beerS are available fresh from the source, at our Main Ave S taproom in Brookings, South Dakota.  Eponymous Brewing Company: Handcrafted with Identity, In the Name of Beer.

(adj.) Of, relating to, or being the person or thing for whom or which something is named.


epon·y·mous  \ i-ˈpä-nə-məs

on tap / bottles (2/19/2021)

on tap

2. Locus of focus   Hazy DIPA w/ Simcoe/Vic Secret Hops | 8.2% ABV

3. the pieces fit   Hazy IPA w/ Mosaic Hops | 7.2% ABV

4. badwolf   Wheat Ale w/ Sanderson Raspberries | 5.0% ABV

5. hello darkness   Stout w/ Maple Syrup/Vanilla/Cocoa Nibs | 5.5% ABV

6. str8 4wrd   Coffee Stout w/ 4WRD Coffee | 5.5% ABV

7. plump lil peach   Sour Ale w/ Peaches/Apricots | 4.5% ABV

8. plumbus plucker   Sour Ale w/ Plums | 5.2% ABV

9. Cherry recompense   Barrel-Aged Sour Red w/ Michigan Cherries | 6.4% ABV

10. guest tap: magners pear cider   Pear Cider | 4.5% ABV

guest bottles: Angry Orchard   Apple Cider | 5.0% ABV


 apropos   Barrel-Aged Golden Sour w/ Apricots | 5.1% ABV

 indiglo   Barrel-Aged Golden Sour w/ South Dakota Blueberries | 5.6% ABV   

 pechenom 2019   Barrel-Aged (9 Months) Imperial Saison w/ Peaches | 8.2% ABV

   rubescence   Barrel-Aged Golden Sour w/ Brookings Raspberries | 6.2% ABV

 rubescence vanilla    Barrel-Aged Golden Sour w/ Raspberries & Vanilla | 5.7% ABV

[coming soon!] blueberry/raspberry/blackberry sour

[coming soon!] double bum hazy dipa

[coming soon!] vienna lager

[coming soon!] barrel aged imperial cherry stout

*New Beer


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